In which song Michael Jackson use this lyrics

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We bring you a legend this time around his everyone favorite is name is Michael Jackson we have know in has a legend everyone love is music and love dancing to is music with is style of dance make him a legend.

Which song did MJ use this lyrics below 👇

Hey, what about yesterday (What about us) What about the seas (What about us) The heavens are falling down (What about us) I can’t even breathe (What about us) What about apathy (What about us) Drowning in the seas (What about us) What about the promised land Preachin’ what I believe (What about us) What about the holy land (What about it) What about the greed (What about us) Where did we go wrong Someone tell me why (What about us) What about baby boy (What about him) What about the days (What about us) What about all their joy Do we give a damn 
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