How To Print Your Own Money Daily

I know this may sound weird, but don’t you wish to make money daily?.

Well, if you are not interested in learning how to make money, then you can easily click the next topic on this page or you visit this blog when we have the solution to the problem you are seeking for, because I know that millions of people in the world today are searching for things that will fetch them money especially now that the so called CONVID-19 is affecting the global world.

Time may not permit to mention some of the questions I have been receiving and some of the trending things on the net right now. These includes;

  • How to print your own money daily
  • Make money daily trading
  • How to make money online
  • Ways to make money daily
  • How can I make money daily
  • Make money daily from home
  • Businesses that make money daily
  • Invest and make money daily
  • Make cash money daily
  • How to earn money daily without Investment, and many more searches.


Yes, Whether you are a baby, a youth, an adult, a government worker, a student, You can make money as much you want if you will allow me to teach you how to print your own money daily.

I know couple of questions must be running in your mind right because you don’t understand a thing when I say “print your own money daily” let me briefly read your mind to know your questions. I will give answers to each questions coming to your mind right now.


Yes, it is very possible and easy to make money daily. People that make money each day are those that spend the way they want to. I have a friend who is into cryptocurrency. He is by name Bada Michael and he make money daily trading dollars, pounds and cryptocurrency.


No, it is very illegal to print your own money, even if you are printing play money for the kids.
Although, colour printers and scanners make it very easy to replicate foreign currency or U.S dollars.
Now, it seems like my words are contradicting. Don’t be bothered by my last answer to your question, because in this post, I will show you how to print your own money daily.


Frankly speaking, if you print your own money, the Government will arrest you. Printing your own money is counterfeiting although it is equally the same to what Government do, but Government of a state is above you.


You may not know that there are businesses that make money daily. This platform is what I will review to you today so that you can employ yourself and start making money online and in physical world.

I will unravel to you today 11 works you can do on daily basis that will fetch you huge capital.


Most people today thinks that affiliate marketing is for a set of persons.

No, anybody can become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is kind of performance-based marketing in which a business, firm or organization rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

There may be no other way to make money daily for you except Affiliate marketing. I became a jumia and kongaaffiliate while I was still in my ss1 and I can’t say I made big money until I got to the tertiary institution.

I have earned a lot of money daily as a jumia and konga affiliate just to mention a few.
Affiliate advertisements are one of the best ways to make money daily since a single sale will make you a lot more money than a single click on a contextual ad.

It’s something most of the bloggers are using these days and one of the most profitable avenues to make money from a blog. Even as a blogger, you can replace google advert with other adverts of your choice. It just need simple settings on your WordPress or blogger account.

some of the popular Affiliate marketing marketplace that you could join Amazon Affiliate program, ShareASalePartnerStackImpactRadiusAwinCommission Junction. You easily search for any of those on google are then start to make money daily with less stress.


Printing your own money daily or making money every hour doesn’t necessary mean you have to own a machine and then purchase all other equipments and start producing money.

As someone who is a good writer, and you know you are talented with writing then, you are a money maker. Many of the websites nowadays are in need of a creative writer like you. Some of them also need the administrator to post articles on their websites, which you will receive additional pay for.

You can as well learn from them and before you know it, you will make big money and create your own website easily.

As a student, most of the money I used in buying my textbooks are the money I make from content writing and posting on peoples website. I earn not less than one thousand naira from a content and I have written fifteen contents in a day.

So, as a writerphotographereditorprogrammer and the rest of the category, don’t allow your talent perish. You can even Create a YouTube account if you are the type that love talking. Share your thought to the world at large and make money daily from it. Quickly run to fiverr to create an account and see how people will be demanding for your services.


You can generate lot of passive income by selling eBooks online. It is very simple to sell an eBook and all you have to do is pick up a catchy topic, develop points and write and then compile an eBook, and put it on your blog or on amazon kindle (Afiliate marketing) for sale.

Most of the top bloggers in Nigeria and even international, tend to sell eBooks relating to how to make it in blogging business and other areas. Selling eBooks online is one of the surest way to make money daily online because it is part of the businesses that make money daily.


I never really believed that social workers are paid until I gave some advice on relationship and she came to appreciate my knowledge with some expensive drinks.

If you have knowledge about a particular field which could be in area of marriage, relationship, money, professional studies. You can make money daily from that skills,You can really make big money.

I am always surprised seeing medical students with degrees they got from the university complaining of no job and no employment whereas they have the potentiality to create lot of things that can help the society.

Everyone in today’s word needs one advice or the other. Anyone who needs an advice must be willing to show appreciation and that means make money daily more than expected.


Selling of products and services could be another way for you to make big money every day.

All you have to do is look company that produces and then help them to resell and make high profits. I have a man whom I assist in sells of shoes. I make a thousand naira from every shoe I sell which I can easily do online or in physical world. It is just a very simple way to make money daily because it is part of the businesses that make money daily in today’s world.


This work does not need a huge brain work. If you are the well organized individual who knows where to purchase most things, then you should render your services to some offices or organization.

Most of the office workers are so busy that they need your assistance not a free one, but the one that will enable you to make money daily or weekly. You can do this office work as a student if the company are the understanding type.


Graphic design is one the businesses that make money daily which you can start up with your phone and Internet. If you have always been good with Photoshopadobeillustrator or other similar applications, and you have the skills, then you are recommended to try out the graphical designer freelance job (Affiliate marketing)

There are lot of graphic designers this day’s, and many of them are appreciated by big firms and companies. So, as the competition is high, it means you have to stand out by practicing more and more to be really creative in designing. I train people on this aspect. I call it the 4 IN ONE Trainning. In this training I will teach you how to convert website to android app, track recently lost phone. And also teach you how you will make money daily with your acquired skill. Of a recent, one of my trained student made 16k just by Converting website to android app for two clients immediately after my training. This was because she implemented all my teachings and secrets to getting clients and customers. This is something I will also teach you in my training class.


This is a service needed almost in every industry. People need to promote their businesses and the best way of doing by could be through your skills on creating animated videos.

All you need is get business owner’s and the proposal of making them a promotional advert with your animation and you will get paid for it. The good news is I also train students in this area of Field because I’m an animator. With a token fee, you can learn this from me and you begin to make money daily from it since it is one of the businesses that make money daily.

In my class you will learn four different types of animations ranging from 3d videoanimation3d explainer video animation2d explainer video animation and whiteboard animation. I will teach you all for just a token of N5,000. You can as well get my ebook on them for a token.


Most at times, I begin to imagine why people waste their talent for nothing. I see no easy why you cook so well at home or in your school lodge, yet you have refused to open a fast food business.

Haven’t you heard that it is one of the businesses that make money daily or you don’t know it is a way to make money daily as a student.

I will advice you to start up with any capital , look for a good place that young people and other age do assemble and then start up with the little you have and you could see yourself making big money from that business.


Are you motivated to embark on a business such as importation of clothes, shoes, belts, fans, kitchen utensils and the rest and you find it to hard to think of how to start?

Don’t worry, the secret to mini importation is what I have been offering students, lecturers and other set of people on how to start and be successful.

Mini importation can fetch big money if you will allow yourself to acquire all the basic training and skilss needed for it in order to make money daily. This is a business that make money daily and you shouldn’t allow this opportunity to pass you by.

Luckily for you, I offer Mini importation classes and I tutor people like you about;

  1. Detailed description and explanation on what mini importation is all about.
  2. Step by step on how to import your goods from China, Malaysia, Dubai, Turkey etc
  3. Untold secret and how to make it big in mini importation.
  4. How to get free tablets from Chinese suppliers.
  5. Secrets website you import your goods fast without the use of an agent.
  6. How to market your products effectively.
  7. How to own store and become a seller on Jumia, Konga and other e-commerce websites in Nigeria.
  8. Newly discovered websites where you can import good products from N300 and resell up to N5,000.

All these and many more would be discussed in the class. Why not take this opportunity now and start up this business so that you can make money daily as a student.

All these and many more would be discussed in the class. Why not take this opportunity now and start up this business so that you can make money daily as a student.


Make money daily could be practiced by those who have hand work such as barbing, hair dressing, make up artist, Dry cleaning and the rest. These are businesses that make money daily and if you are one with any of the listed skills or similar, you should find yourself smiling because time for you to make money has come.


I initially explained how to print your own money daily, and this is very correct. As long as you are able to make money daily with any of the businesses that make money daily, then you are printing your own money.

Do not have the feeling or the mentality that only Donald trump, Bill gate, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wizkid, Davido and the rest are the only group that can print or make money daily.

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